August 2009
Thanks to the effort of a few American volunteers
as well as a donation from Pitch In For Baseball,
Sparrow fielded its first ever baseball team. The
season began last September and the team joined
the Southwest Gauteng League. Read more

Climbing mountains for Sparrow kids
06 November 2008
by Maritza Kriel

Maraisburg - Sparrow Ministries have been awarded with a cheque of R1.75-million by the Costa Group, after two members of this group, challenged themselves to conquer Mount Kilimanjaro in an attempt to raise money.

Group managing director of the Costa Group of Companies, Simon Costa, explains that they were so inspired by the extraordinary work done by the 'humble people' of Sparrow Village, that they decided to take on a personal initiative to raise as much financial support as possible to assist them with the critical community service they were providing.

“The goal which we set ourselves was to return to Sparrow Village in September with a cheque for R1-million. To achieve this we needed to come up with a fundraising vehicle, something which would involve a difficult physical activity, which make people feel compelled to donate money when we approached them for financial support.  We wanted people to say ‘you do the hard work and I’ll do the easy work and just give you some money’.”

Simon explains that this method has proven to be an enormous success in the past.  To help Sparrow Village, the Costa Group decided on an African challenge – climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

“In our communication to sponsors we assured people that 100 percent of all money raised will be given directly to Sparrow Village. No administration or fundraising costs was taken from the total donations made.”

Simon says that they were under enormous pressure to reach the top of Kilimanjaro, seeing that they told sponsors that if they faileSimon Costad to achieve this, they will not have to sponsor any money.

“The fundraising approach we took had a very positive impact, especially in Australia and we managed to exceed our target of raising R1-million by a significant amount, “ says an ecstatic Simon.

On 4 October, barely two days after Simon and Senior Operations Manager of Costa Logistics South Africa, Matthew Phelan, returned from Mount Kilimanjaro, they handed this hard-earned cheque over to Sparrow Village.

“Although exhausted from the climb, the enormous pride we felt in meeting the founder of Sparrow Ministries, Corine McClintock and her ‘family’ of children and helpers, with the exciting news that we completed our mission was incredible.  As we walked around the facility and witnessed the suffering as well as the selfless work being undertaken, we felt privileged to hand across a pledge of R1.75-million in confidence the money will provide life changing support for so many needy children, “ Simon concluded.


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