Sparrow is an organization that is fully staffed with paid employees and therefore, has a limited availability for accepting international volunteers. We have a maximum stay of 3 months and a minimum age of 22. We offer free lodging and transport to and from the airport. We are particularly interested in volunteers who have medical, educational, psychological and recreational skills. We are also interested in volunteers who want to come during the school breaks to facilitate in different activities for the children. If you think you have skills that would be useful to Sparrow, please complete the application and we will contact you about availability. 

(Fax +27 (0) 11 672 1000 or e-Mail shospice@metroweb.co.za your completed form)

Local volunteers are welcome and we would be happy to meet with you regarding programs and projects you might like to bring to the patients of Sparrow.

Visit the FLUX website.