Our programs  


Hospice Care
AIDS continues to devastate South Africa. Patients arrive everyday at our door ravaged by the disease. Stigma and lack of accessibility to appropriate health care leave many people unable to care for themselves. They come to Sparrow because they know that they will be given the best care we can provide and we do so without judgement. Unfortunately, current medical treatment may not be able to save them but Sparrow gives them a safe and loving place to live out the rest of their lives. Fortunately, for more and more of them, we are able to nurse them back to reasonable health. We give them hope as well as Anti-Retrovirals and the combination of these two powerful remedies, has given many of our patients a new lease on life. They will always have the virus but now AIDS can become a manageable disease. 


Niklaas’ Story
Nicholas came to Sparrow in October of 2006 with a CD4 count of 8. The 36 year old father of 3 daughters was at death’s door and he struggled for many months before his health began to improve. He is now well enough to help other patients cope with their disease. He has begun studying to become a minister where he hopes to bring a message of hope and compassion to others also suffering from AIDS.


Charmaine’s Story   
Both Charmaine and her mother came to Sparrow very ill. Her mother passed away shortly afterward. We thought we might also lose Charmaine but with the right medical treatment and the attention by our caring staff she started to pick up. Today she is 3 years old and although she may have some learning disabilities she is a happy child. Her granny comes to visit as often as she can but cannot herself care for her. As with so many of our children, Sparrow has become her closest family.


Chronic Care
Sparrow also provides chronic care for the destitute. Although our numbers of beds are limited, we continue to care for those patients who have no home to go or family to nurse them. All of our patients are special and deserving of proper nursing, healthy nutrition and a place to feel safe and loved.

Children’s Home

Sparrow Rainbow Village’s motto is get up and live. Our children have come to us from dust bins, trash heaps, the streets, hospitals and with their mothers who were too sick themselves to care for them. Some of these mothers were not so lucky and eventually passed away leaving Sparrow to care and now raise these children.


 John’s Story
“Johnny boy” as he is known was abandoned at birth at the hospital by his mother. She has never been found. As a newborn with HIV, he was quite ill when he arrived at Sparrow. But with the proper treatment and a loving environment, he has thrived and is now a normal second grader.

Sparrow operates a crèche for all of its pre-schoolers and prepares them for entering the public school system. As surrogate parents, we meet with the schools, help them with their homework, encourage them and support them as they face all of the difficulties of learning. They are typical children and we want the same opportunities for them that any parent wants for their children. With the number of children that we are caring for, it is a daunting task.

Raising children today is difficult at best in a normal family situation. Our children are faced with many barriers- having a stigmatized disease, orphaned, having been abused and neglected, living in an institution and trying to learn in a second language. This makes our jobs all that much more challenging. We are always seeking partners and collaborators who can lend a helping hand.

Outreach Programs
Since our capacity is limited but our hearts are not, we provide a variety of different services to the vulnerable, destitute and terminally ill who reside in the communities in Gauteng as well as in Limpopo and Mogale City and Bloemfontein.  We provide support and fill basic needs.  As our organization has matured, we are asked frequently by donors to facilitate the distribution of these services.  In this way, we are able to touch the lives of many who are desperately poor and sick.

We also provide training for home based cared givers who can return to their communities and assist with the sick.

There are many child-headed households in our area and we are involved in a project to  support the grannies who are now caring for their grandchildren.  This requires not only food and medical care but much needed emotional support as they try and cope with not only burying their children but having to raise their grandkids. 

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