Corine's Story  

Testimony of Rev. Corine McClintock - Founder/Director of Sparrow Ministries

Rev. McClintock is a professional registered nurse and ordained pastor.  The following testimony is a letter written by Rev. McClintock:
Looking back on my life I am amazed that I am only able to see the tapestry now, it looks so completely logical, as if I should have been aware of it all my life.

Yet, I have often, like many other fellow believers, wondered where my life is actually leading to, and in darker days, if my life makes sense at all."  "How we doubt God’s Power and Majesty!"

Thankfully He is an all-motivating, all-inspiring Person who has known all of us before we were formed in the womb – He had a plan for me, and has one for you.

This is my story. [19.0 KB]


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